Issues with "radio"-Buttons & click

Hi all,

I found Framework7 many weeks ago and built already a couple of nice things inside my App. Still my App has the platform of and angular. To rebuilt my app completely to Framework7 it will take a lot of work.
Nevertheless, so far the combination works. But: unfortunately my “radio”-Buttons aren’t working, if I want take the following code: $("#example").click();
Without loading Framework7 it works fine. But with loading <script src="fw7/js/framework7.js"></script> the script $("#example").click(); isn’t working anymore.

Any idea, what I can do, to solve the issue?

Try to disable touch.fastClicks: false app parameter. Also what is the point of calling click on radios? If you need to make it checked, then it should be something like $('input[type="radio"]').prop('checked', true)

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It worked after adding no-fastclick class in label.