Item at top of page-content without pulldown/overscroll drag

I’d like to have a <div> at the top of my page which the user can scroll away upwards (underneath the navbar), which is standard Framework 7 behaviour and as such it will be within page-content.

But unlike all elements within page-content, I don’t want to reveal the space above this element when the view is pulled down by the user (overscroll). Similar to how the navbar is fixed to the top of the page during overscroll… I’d like this div to be stuck to the top of the view without being able to be pulled down, but can scroll away upwards.

Is anything like this possible, or should I just try to hack the navbar styles?

Try adding position: fixed to such element. But it is better to move it out of page-content and it still can be fixed with position: absolute and position it below the Navbar