JavasScript code in a page

My question is very simple: "How can I declare some javascript code into a page?"
For example, I have this code but doesn’t work… I don’t know if is posible or not using Framework7
Thank you!

<div class="page">
  <div class="page-content">
    <a href="#" class="link btHello">Hello</a>
            console.debug("HELLOW WORLD....");

The page is loaded successfully using asycn route, by clicking on but the scripts inside this page doesn’t work

path: ‘/apps/:id/:data’,
async(routeTo, routeFrom, resolve, reject) {
resolve({url: ‘modules/{{id}}/{{data}}’ });

Thank you again!

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No, it won’t work due to security reasons. Use Router component for this or page events


Thank you for your answer and congratulations (and thanks again) for your great framework…

Can you tell me what are the security reasons?? I’m interesting about that…

At de moment, I solved the problem writing javascript code in pageInit event, appending to header if is external script or eval inline js…


It is a browser default restriction, it won’t execute script tags added dynamically as a content strings

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Put following code in your app.js

$$(document).on('page:afterin', function (e, page) {
   $$(".page-current").find("script").each(function (el) {
    if ($$(this).attr('src')) {
      var s = document.createElement('script');
      s.src = $$(this).attr('src');
    } else {

The above code doesn’t work for me… I put it in the router definition and works perfectly

Like mentioned above, use the the Router Component. See for an example on how to lload a page (with scripts) from a file. Take a look at the some-page.html:

<a @click=“openAlert”>Open Alert

and at the <script> part of the page. change the example function with your code

methods: {
openAlert: function () {
//put your code here
console.debug(“HELLOW WORLD…”);



Load the page, click on the OpenAlert link and you should see the HELLO WORLD message in your console

hello since you use componentUrl in your pages this will allow you to use the methods where you can iniz tu js