Json request works in Android Samsung but not Android Huawei

Hi all,

I wonder why the request works in Android Samsung phone, but not when I installed it on Android Huawei.

Can anybody explain to me why there is a difference?

Thanks in advance.

app.request.json(‘https://test.scread.com/localdata/’, function(json){
document.getElementById(“tab-1”).innerHTML = compiledTemplate1(json);


Show console log from Huawei device

Thanks for your reply. I was looking for this.
Is there also a Huawei Emulator? I am also looking for that. Because at this moment I don’t have Huawei Phone.

Nope, only standart android emulators

Okay thanks. the link is very helpfull for me. Now I must wait that I can use the phone of my girlfriend. :wink:

It could be because your SSL certificate chain is incomplete. The Huwei device might be more restrictive at this point. But you should see this as an error message at the device inspector/console.


Groeten ook uit Nederland :wink:

Hi Tim, Dat was de oplossing. Thanks.
Groeten uit Nederland inderdaad

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