Keypad plugin doesn't get all touch events

We using Framework 7 (v4.1.0) and the last version of framwork7-plugin-keypad (v2.0.0). We’re seeing a problem when running iOS under Cordova that if you touch the keys too fast, most of the events are lost when tapping on the device quickly. If I pause about 1s between each touch, the events fire.

I’ve opened up a profiling session and see that for each touch event, EventsClass.prototype.emit() is being called for each tap, but the event is never making it to the keypad click event handler.

I’m able to get it working by modifying the keypad plugin to respond to the touchstart rather than the click event. Does this seem right?


I personally can’t see such issue, and modifying click to touchstart event is wrong solution. It is not the same, at all, and shouldn’t be done.

You can try to enable fast clicks ( ) to see will it work better for you or not. But this shouldn’t be an issue in general