Known issues in phonegap developer tool with back button and blank screen?

I keep making progress then hitting huge stumbling blocks which derail me for a day or more. I have my app working pretty well at least previewed through the browser loading through the phonegap desktop server tool. It works fine there, but I’m trying to preview it in the phonegap developer companion app with strange results.

First page loads, clicking an entry loads, then hitting the back button makes the screen go blank. The back button is a simple <a href="#" class=“link back”> link. Any ideas?

Here’s a fun variation on the theme, two overlapping navbars.

In case it matters I’m seeing page:beforein trigger seemingly 3 times each time I navigate, and my page:afterin doesn’t seem to be triggering at all.

Did you check on reald device not in PhoneGap developer app? Issue could be in it

That’s what I’m hoping, just got access to the apple developer account so going to give that a shot today hopefully.