Lasso - Memo, Notes, Summary Journal Diary Minutes

I recently published a app on play store which helps you write anything you want whether it’s notes, diary entry, memo, summary or even articles and essay.
Some of its features are:-
1)You can write without caring word limit because i believe some things don’t follow limits at all (creativity for example). I tried a lot of note taking apps but every app places a word limit which simply makes them unusable. That is the reason why i created this app. I made this app publicly available so that anybody who have problem like that do not need to create a app.

2)You can color your notes.I borrowed this concept from sticky notes which i used during exams. You can choose 10 color to make them organised. For example red for lectures and yellow for assignments(sorry if my example doesn’t suit you but i guess you get some idea).

3)Following earlier tradition, this app is also available on 15+ languages so that you will not face any problem in case if english is not the language is you are comfortable with.

let’s talk with development, code practices and various decision i made:-
1)In this app, we’re using native android storage for the first time and i believe it make storage and retrieve operation a lot more faster as compared to options that web provided.As usual with space-time relation, size of app increases by 2.5MB but i think it’s not that important as app is still 5MB in total size.
2)It’s also the first app in which we use 100% framework7 ui and i would say it makes app simply stuning as compared to previous ones.
3)This app is one page application even though its user interface may make you conclude it’s multipage. Why single-page? because if we look aside from storage workflow, it’s an easy app to create. Single page also elminate use of init events which i believe should make app faster as it reduces code to execute.
If you are with me till this point, you may want to try it, so here’s the link:-

I believe i gave enough reason for you to atleast try this app. Leaving a positive review on play store will help other to view this app as google’s algorithm sucks, it shows apps which are spending bucks on marketing as that’s what keeps them runing.

I’m also looking to continue my experiment with hybrid technology. Leave if any idea you have for next app. Most probably my next app would be a camera app with image editing. So you can leave a plugin or anything which may help that app.
Thanks for reading this , you’re truly awesome