Layout wrong when changing orientation?

When I change my app from portrait to landscape it looks like it should, but when I go back to portrait again then the top navbar is covered underneat the statusbar and the view is not stretched all the way down to the browser toolbar.

What can be the problem here?
Any input appreciated, thanks.

Nobody that has encounter this before?

Well you didnt show your code. Or make a small fiddle with it. So it really difficult for people trying to help you. If you could post your code or make a minimal example maybe somebody would be able to help you.
I never had this problem. Being using f7 since v1.

I don’t mean this in an aggressive way. It’s just a suggestion.

Also. Do you use some css to change the app layout?

Just test it in my android. It works ok. Top bar is never covered after changing orientation several times. Maybe it’s a iPhone issue? Will try with iPhone when I have a chance.

Thanks, ok yes maybe it´s only on iPhone? Please let me know if you have the chance to test it!

Its seems to work fine also. iPhone 7 iOS 13.3

1 portrait

2 landscape

3 portrait again

Try to debug with your phone or with simulator to see what version of iPhone or iOS has the problem.

Thanks a lot. Yes I tested it on an iPhone 7 plus and I had no problems, I only get it on my iPhone 6 s. So I guess itsnothing to worry about :slight_smile:

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