Left panel won't close on iPhone simulator

Hi, this is my first time on your board and couldn’t find mention of this issue through search.

My issue is that while running framework7 as a Cordova app in iPhone simulator the left/right panel menus won’t close once opened and it acts as if the app is totally frozen. I’m using the standard framework7-cli and made the app through the ui interface. No modifications. I just made the app through the command ‘framework7 create --ui’, then ran ‘npm install’ for dependencies, then ‘npm run build-cordova-ios’ a d all went fine. Then ‘npm run cordova-ios’ to open in simulator and it all went fine and opened in the simulator. Buttons work, opens about page etc no problem. But once I open a side panel it’s like it freezes. Panel stays open, buttons won’t work in background, it’s like it’s just totally frozen. Am I doing something wrong? Is this a problem in the simulator? Currently don’t have an iPhone to test on. I’m on up-to-date big sur with xcode 12.5.1 (won’t let me install newer xcode versions). Tried it in multiple simulator environments all with same result.

However, if I open the framework7.io kitchen sink in the simulators safari the side panels work. Even a guess would be nice if it might put me on the right track to figure this out. Thank you.