Link panelOpen bug, (svelte)

If you make two quick clicks on <Link panelOpen=".yourpanelclassname"/> the app will freeze, controls become inactive. (Only on a real device or emulator).
F7 v6

I have the same behavior on Android 6.
Did you find any working solution?

I have solved this problem!

In f7params added:

panel: {
 backdrop: true,
 closeByBackdropClick: false

Added a variable:

let isPanelReady = true;

And added handlers for the panel:

const panel=f7.panel.get('.panel-left'); //const panel=f7.panel.get('.panel-right'); 

panel.on('open', function() {isPanelReady=false});
panel.on('close', function() {isPanelReady=false});
panel.on('opened', function() {isPanelReady=true});
panel.on('closed', function() {isPanelReady=true});

panel.on('backdropClick', function() {
	if(isPanelReady) {
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