List group with fixed index, using iOS for both iOS and Android

I am using F7+React.

I know I can pass theme: “ios” in the app bootstraping, using the F7 root params.
I want the app to be “auto” but only in some specific parts, like in the list index, I need ios for both.

iOS list index is more readable, since it takes the full width of the line as fixed, so you can put there more than just a single character, but a full title.


However when I am adding the theme=“ios” in the List component it doesn’t work.

Is there possibility to achieve this?

I found the answer, I can just do this:

<ListItem groupTitle>

And remain using auto.

What you are refering is the Contacts List
You can basically remove contactsList prop from the List and it will look similar to iOS theme in MD theme

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