Login Screen not fitting to full screen on IPad

Hi -

I’m new to Framework 7 Core. I’ve just installed F7 CLI, Blank Screen. I’ve copied and pasted Login from docs “standalone Login Screen layout”. I’m testing from Chrome on iPad Pro.

The login screen doesn’t scale to fit the page. There’s a lot of white space. What am I doing wrong? I need the app (andriod / ios) to scale to fit various screens.


I suggest you copied/pasted something wrong, as it should be centered

Hi -

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I’ve copied the code below but I also ran the F7 Docs and ran it though chrome and that doesn’t fit to IPad either.


My Sample Code:

My App
  • Username
  • Password
Some text with login information.

This is correct and by design, or what do you expect, single input field to have 1366px width? :slight_smile:

That’s funny. I was expecting 2x scale for IPad. Please see my mockup below.

Have to agree with Vladimir, this is correct. Your 2x mockup would break convention. Doesn’t mean you can still implement it yourself with custom stylesheets :slight_smile:

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Understood. Thank you for your time.