Looking for Someone to build basic Framework 7 App

I need a basic IPad / Iphone app built.

I am a php developer with basic javascript knowledge. I have written basic apps for Framework7 V1 and V2 but havent the time to understand the differences to V3.

I need a quite simple application created which you will then pass on code to me to us to develop further.

Student information app

  • Home page Menu
  • Student information (Retrieved via existing api)
  • Login (credentials via api)
  • Allow search for recipes and display (via api request)
  • Allow viewing of Photographs in list (again provided via api)

What Iā€™m looking for is someone to set up the bones of an application. I would imagine a few days to a week should be sufficient, but we could discuss.

Please let me know what you charge per hour.

Either respond here, or via email at [email protected]

We are happy to pay via bank transfer, amazon vouchers, paypal, etc.

Thank you.

Toby Allen.

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Hello Toby

you idea seems interesting and I would like to be a part of it.

Sent you email, lets discuss