mainView.router.load not work on iOS 13

$$(‘body’).on(‘click’, ‘.menubutton’, function(e) {


            url:  site_url + our_menu.html',

            ignoreCache: true, reload: true,force: true



new iOS build this code not working

Router doesn’t have .load() method


            url: '',

            ignoreCache: true, reload: true,force: true


also not work same code work on android app

There is no loadPage method, you can use router.navigate, with the correct arguments to load what you want.

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this code from v1

all work in android and old iOS app.

i am using

I think it is hard to solve, when third parts are involucred on building the app, there are many things se can’t ser under the hood…
Why you don’t you try to compile application yourself with F7+Cordova?
It should be better to you and you’ll be better developer also… It’s only my opinion…

i can`t afford mac book. do you have any other solution for compile iOS app from window


Very aware that v1 was a very long time ago. But before investing the time to update an app that is otherwise working just fine, no need for additional features at this point. Is .router.load (which worked earlier and part of v1) actually broken in iOS 13?