Many of svelte component not return target on event return

Many of complenent of svelte by f7 is not return proper target information for click, change, or any other events etc.

For example:
If we use direct a hyper link of HTML.

<a on:click={(e)=>console.log(e)} >A Link</a>

When we click on this hyper link then it will return proper target information of this hyper link.

Svelte Link Example:
If we use Link component of F7 Svelte.

<Link on:click={(e)=>console.log(e)} >A Link</Link>

When we click on svelet Link component button link then its will return target=null, please check and assign proper target in to element.

I want to access target element which is clicked or triggered event. Generally svelte on html every element send some target. While F7 is missing.

Can we have any other way to get target element on event?