Master Detail with further routing on detail issue

I have an issue on master detail split views. Let’s say I do have a navigation list (master) and a detail page. Typically I don’t want to have a stack if I click items on the navigation list. So I turned on “reloadDetail” for the view. But when I do have another link on the detail page to an additional deeper page, I do want a history stack and animation like it used to be on a regular page. Hard to describe in words… therefore I made this little jsfiddle:

The breakpoint for the split view is >1000px.
Try it below and with split view to see what I mean…

How can I handle this? Did I miss something?


You need to disable reloadDetail on View, and add it only on links that should do it via data-reload-detail="true" attributes. Then deeper links (that won’t have this attribute) will stack and animate nested pages correctly

Hey… thx for your replay! Ok - changed it like: … but I have an issue then with the deepest level. If you click on

“Master-Detail Demo” > “Open Detail 1” > “Open Detail - Detail” and then “Back” it works.

but if you do this:

“Master-Detail Demo” > “Open Detail 1” > “Open Detail - Detail” > “Open Detail 2” > “Open Detail - Detail”

the “Back” isn’t working anymore as the history stack is broken.

The handling of the 3rd level and beyond seems to be tricky…

Hello, did you solve this problem? I have the same question with you.