Material Icon not showing

Hi all,

Why is material icon “heart-circle” not showing in the below code segment. The other two are showing!


these are the codes:

 <div class="wrapper">
            <f7-icon material="cancel" color="red"></f7-icon>
            <f7-icon material="stars" color="blue"></f7-icon>
            <f7-icon material="heart-circle" color="green"></f7-icon>

material does not have heart-circle icon, its framework7 icon and its heart_circle with underscore:
<f7-icon f7="heart_circle" color="green"></f7-icon>

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Thanks it worked. But how can I know an icon belongs to f7 and not material?

there are links to both material and f7 icon list in documents.

F7 icons And Material icons

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Thanks for the clarification and support.