Meet new Framework7 v3.0.0

Stable Framework7 v3.0.0 released today :tada:

All v3 Vue and React docs examples now have more complete code examples with live preview.
All official Framework7 templates are also updated to v3

v2 to v3 migration guide coming soon


I see official f7 templates are updated to v3 as you mentioned, you dont think to preserve v2 templates ? v2 will not be supported anymore ?

Congrats and thanks for the release!

Would new features be for V2 as well as V3 or V2 will stop dev?

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No guys, need to move forward, v2 won’t be maintained anymore. I will release migration guide soon so you it will be easy to upgrade


Welcome V3. :slight_smile:

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Yep, this was a smart move to keep platforms in sync with the core and reduce work load, nice job! – next bring on WebComponents :smile: