Meet Swiper Studio

Hi everyone! :wave:

Today i am glad to introduce all new Swiper Studio! :partying_face:

Swiper Studio is a no-code Swiper builder (editor) which is available exclusively for Swiper & Framework7 patrons.

While it is still in beta, it has already a lot of nice features:

Templates. Start your Swiper project with lots of templates. From minimal with all default parameters to complex ones with 3D effects and extra features.

Manage Projects. In Swiper Studio you can manage projects in all possible ways - create, save, edit, delete or clone your Swiper projects. Never loose your work.

Parameters. Lots, lots and lots of parameters, but very well organized and with clear UI. Any Swiper parameter is available within one click.

Responsive Breakpoints. Easily preview Swiper and tweak its parameters for different viewports: Mobile, Tablet, Laptop, Desktop and Responsive.

Share & Export. Quickly share live preview of your project or download HTML project, or components for React, Vue, Svelte and Angular.

Hope for some feedback from you on what you like/dislike and want to add and improve.


Waaaaw very nice UI.
Great works …

Wow! it looks fantastic!
Thanks for big work!

Jep - that looks really good!! Great job!

What would be really useful - I think - is a writeup (or blog-post), how you constructed/created the app (maybe along with some source-snippets or an empty template). I’m pretty sure everyone here can learn from it and spot some tricks…


very good, you is the beast