Menu in Navbar problem

Hello, I am trying in framework7-svelte add dropdown Menu into Navbar to right position, but when I open it so it is rewritten by Subnavbar:

And when I remove the Subnavbar and try open it so it looks like not opened:

Do you know where is a problem?
Here is my code:

  <Navbar title="Navbar title">
    <Subnavbar> Test </Subnavbar>

      <MenuItem style="margin-left: auto" iconF7="square_arrow_up" dropdown>
        <MenuDropdown right>
          <MenuDropdownItem href="#" text="Menu Item 1" />
          <MenuDropdownItem href="#" text="Menu Item 2" />
          <MenuDropdownItem href="#" text="Menu Item 3" />


Any idea? This solution doesn’t work for me:

Menu is not intended to be used in Navbar/Subnavbar, it is for overlay components. Use Popover instead. Otherwise, inspect styles and check what need to be tweaked to display it correctly