Message bar bottom not show when keyboard active

How can I fix this problem ?

use this plugin or

What function I have to call ?

when I use the coda-plugin-keyboard it have black space :disappointed:

are you using wkwebview?

latest f7?

if you use f7 cli you will have a much easier life

yes, latest F7

oh , F7 cli what function I have to use for it ?

Since you have already started making an app i would start with a new folder use the cli create functionality and create a fresh app.

In the fresh app replace your code with that of the fresh app, than everything should work further with the cli.

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Thank you.
and how I use wkwebview ?

If you use cli and use the config file from cli than you should be fine otherwise
There are two plugins from which you can choose:

Requires more settings

Easier to use:

I will try.
Thank you

The Ajax content not load after install cordova-plugin-wkwebview-engine

any solution to fix this ?

ajax load after add

header(‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *’);

to php header :smile: