Message bar overlapped on android

When overlaywebview true in android then message bar overlapping with android keyboard which working good on iOS.

Any one have solution for android??

Framework7 version 3, I think same issue on v4 also.

Thanks in advance

Try forum search. There were solutions here. Problem was usually in cordova’s statusbar plugin or config.xml’s fullscreen option that prevents view shrinking when keyboard opened

Thanks @nolimits4web,

I have already tried and implement solution but when we call app.statusbar.overlaywebview(true) method message bar overlapping with keyboard while other things are working fine.
If you have any solution then please suggest me.

Thanks again

This is the issue, don’t call it for Android

@nolimits4web Yes that i know and that’s why i am asking this question, so can you have any solution to use it globally?
Caused i want to user status bar color using css and without overlaywebview i can’t change this using css.

Not really as it is Android limitation or cordova plugin issue, read here for workarounds

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Thanks @nolimits4web