[ MESSAGES Module ] Entering text on mobile device don't trigger scroll conversation

Hello (v2 is amazing)

In the MESSAGES module, when I execute it on a mobile phone (Android or iOS), or on Desktop (chrome) :

  • Entering the module
  • Touch the write new message input field
  • It trigger the keyboard of the mobile device
  • When typing text then touch the “send” icon, it send the new message, but the message is hidden behing the keyboard. It should scroll down automatically to be just above the keyboard

On desktop chrome, even if no keyboard appear (using physical keyboard), it don’t do what “scrollMessages:true” is supposed to do.

I think it was working on v1. But not on v2. Any idea to fix it quickly ?


Apparently, this is the “scrollMessagesOnEdge : true” that trigger bad bahaviour.

Putting it to false make thing better.

It seem to not detect well when we are on top or bottom.

I have tried but yet i am facing above mention issue … can u please give me solution of the problem