Messages not displaying properly in v3

As shown in the screenshot below, messages are only displaying the message text when they should also be showing the avatar and name. I used chrome dev tools to inspect them, and the classes are there (e.g. the avatar and name), but they are not displaying for some reason. I am using the messages.addMessage() function to add messages. Any idea on how to fix this?

You need to correctly set message-first/last/tail classes or enable autoLayout or use first/last/tailMessageRule parameters. Also check the code examples

I have autoLayout enabled, which is why I was confused about it not working.

Any update on this? I’ve tried playing around with the settings and still nothing.

Live example or better JSFiddle with what you have tried will be good

I drafted up a quick jsfiddle here:

I placed in a default message with html.

Your JSFiddle doesn’t illustrate the issue, i can’t see there not working messages