Migration from v1.5 to v5... *shutters*

I have a client that wishes to migrate their app from drumroll … v1 to v5. Theoretically migrate from v1 to v2, then from v2 to v3, etc. until I reach v5. But now the question is, is it even worth this bloody headache?

I apologize, this would be my first project working with Framework7, and so far I’ve found it intriguing – but would migrating to v5 be worth my trouble, or should I suggest a refactor from the ground up? The app works fine as it is, which brings my next question: are there new amazing features that would make this migration worthwhile?

Thanks in advance!

P.S. I have no idea why my real IP address was ‘not allowed’ to register on the forum – I had to use a VPN. I have a residential IP in South Korea with absolutely no blacklists of any kind. Weird.

Well, it depends. If app works fine and you are not going to improve/update it in future then just keep it as it is. Otherwise move to v5 (or wait couple of months for v6).

I would go with full refactor

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