Migration from v6.0.17 to v6.2 issue


My goal is migrate project from v6.0.17 to v6.2.

I try to install fresh F7 Vue project, and then move old project to it.

My steps:

  1. yarn global remove framework7-cli

  2. yarn global add framework7-cli

  3. framework7 create --ui

  4. yarn start

I got an error:

  1. Then I run:
    yarn add @vue/compiler-sfc --dev
    and error disappears, fresh F7 Vue project works fine.

  2. Then I start to migrate project (F7 Vue v6.0.17) files.

And I god this error:


Can you help me to solve this issue? May be my installation is not correct?

F7 CLI creates project with Vite, it doesn’t have require as it is Webpack’s specific thing, you should use `imports. Refer to Vite documentation http://vitejs.dev

Thanks Vladimir! It works!