Migration suggestions

I’m trying to migrate from v7 to v8. I noticed some breaking changes of property renaming.


  1. In v8, f7-list requires to add “outline divider strong” everywhere, in order to keep the same look and feel as v7 does.
  2. In v8, f7-toolbar as tabbar with icon is no loger tabbar labels but tabbar icons.

It’s crazy to manually check files one by one.

Here are my feedback:

  1. Is it possible to make such properties configurable globally (it can minimize the migration effort)
  2. It might be very useful to have a migration helper, to hint that abc property is now renamed to XYZ property. (it will be easier to identify necessary changes)
  3. Even better, breaking changes will be marked as warning in next major release and completly removed in the over next major release.


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cp -r src src.back
cd src/pages
sed -i 's/<f7-list /<f7-list dividers-ios outline /g' *.vue

This is a smart trick to quickly upgrade known migration tasks.

In the reality, you might not get any build error after a migration all at. But the pain point is that the look and feel and behavior might be sightly/completly different after a migration. Unless you are so good to test every corners very carefully, the migration process would be unpredictable.

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