Moderators Wanted!

As title says. If you want to be a Framework7 forum moderator then just respond to this topic.

Especially interested in developers who were active on old forum (, so please post your username on that forum as well

I’d be interested, my old username was Kerry D.

Thanks, you are moderator now

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hi i will like to be. emmanuel eden is my name in the other forum

@emmanuel_eden thanks, you are moderator now as well

I’ll happily be one, my old username was Bailey, it has the same email as this account.

I’d be interested, my username was DanielRiera

Thanks guys, added you as moderators

I am interested my user name was shaikhmubeen

Hi there! I am interested! My publication was about “Расписание ВШЭ-Пермь” mobile app as you remember. My username is EugeneEvstafiev. Thanks!

I have interest, I can help in English and Portuguese. name of user jhowjhoe

Thanks guys, added you as moderators

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Thanks very much!!!

Hi @nolimits4web,

I like to involve to make Framework7 better… Can you include me?

Thanks, you are moderator now