Move from same page to the same page but with different id

I want that when the user finishes doing his tasks in page call “some page” with Id of: “123” he will automatically be redirect to the “some page” but this time with Id of: “321”.
The history of “123” should be cleared from the history and only remain with the home page - so by the time the user moves to “321”, the back button will bring him back to homepage, not to page “123”.

How can I achieve this? I am using F7 V4 + React.


Someone? I found this a big issue I have read the docs but couldn’t find any answer…

Previous page can’t be cleared from history, you rather move to other page by reloading current (reloadCurrent) or when you go back from third page you go back with force:true explicitly to home page, then it will skip page in between