Multi Tenancy with Framework7

Hi newbie here! Is it possible to build a multi tenancy SAAS with Framework7 is so are there any documents to point me in the right direction?

Ideally I would like the code for the individual apps within its own module within the framework, when someone signs up, depending on the apps they choose, it build the package around them, sets the domain, database allowing the user to use it, then they get billed monthly for the usage.

I’ve built similar in Laravel, but look to see If it is possible in Framework7



Framework7 is a front-end framework only, so it’s a perfect compliment for whatever backend code and SAAS you wish to use.

To that extent, it lacks the required features to manage database functions, building packages etc. That is up to you to create with your front-end Javascript, or whatever code you wish to run on your server.

But for creating UI elements in CSS/HTML that replicate the look & feel of native iOS and Android controls, Framework7 is ideal.