Multipage app - How to?

I have been using Framework 7 for a while now and have gone through the documentation. I have looked at routes as well.

What I can’t find out is how to write a multipage app where

  1. pressing a button in one page takes user to another page.
  2. Pressing options on the toolbar takes user to relevant page.
  3. The splash page waits for 3 seconds before taking use to the landing page

I must be missing something obvious as these are the basics. So appreciate some help to get me started so I can put a simple app together. Any help is welcome.


Such button must be a link (<a>) and have appropriate href attribute to required page specified in routes

Same as above

This is a cordova’s splashscreen plugin

Better, crate new project with F7 CLI and see how routing done there

Thanks, that worked.