Multiple form Submmission to my server script

When I make an Ajax request to my server-side script, it inserts two records concurrently, when I only called submission event once under page:afterin hook.

I can’t seem to figure where that problem is coming from? Below are screenshots of my code

Because you are using live/delegated event listener. Change your:

$$(document).once('submit', 'form#crud_order', function() {


$$('form#crud_order').once('submit', function() {

Thanks @nolimits4web

But i think I was calling the execute() method of PDO class twice in my server script.

Line 1. $query->$this->connect()->prepare(“insert-sql-statement”);
Line 2. $query->execute();
Line 3. return $query->execute() ? true : false;

So its gets executed on Line 2, and again executes when checking the condition on Line 3, hence double insertion,

I just took my time to debug it line and by line and nipped it in the bud.