Multiple right panel pages

Hi, I have multiple pages, which has a special right panel. So, I make a multiple view App layout:

    <App params={f7params}>
      <Statusbar />
      <View xhrCache pushState main iosDynamicNavbar={false} />
      <Panel right>
        // I want open dynamic page content in this view
        <View url="/panel-right/" id="panel-right-view"></View>

And trigger panel-right-1 in PageA with a link tag:

<Link panelOpen="right" href="/panel-right-1" view="#panel-right-view" />

same in PageB:

<Link panelOpen="right" href="/panel-right-2" view="#panel-right-view" />

The problem is that, the right panel will first load /panel-right/ page, and then goto the special linked page. I think this is a wrong way. How can I do this job? Maybe give a routeParams to the panel-right-view? Thanks very much.

P.S. Framework7 is very cool.

Remove this prop from Panel View

And it won’t have initial page

It work different for me, remove url props just same as url=“/”