Multiple views in same man view

How can I make 2 views inside the main view app (like in the image attached)?
I need to create a chat app.

Schermata 2020-02-27 alle 22.07.30|690x499

use f7 cli and choose Split View (Split Panel)

I never used it before :smiley can you show me some code or some links?
I’d like to create a chat app like messenger for web platform

just read the doc;

also, here you have a how to:

Thanks a lot I take a look :smiley:

Still can’t get it. I’m using react-framework7 but. I have no idea how to do that…
Can anyone help me pls?

Or try to create new app with F7 CLI and set Split View template. Also check the Master Details feature

I tried also CLI, installed a split wb app. but still don’t know how to add another split view inside. Can you help me pls?