Native ios or android navigate app to route path

How would i trigger the app to navigate (ie app.router.navigate(URL)) from native ios or android events? For example my app gets a push notification referencing a page in the app and when the user opens the notification we would want the app to open to this path.

hi, i use AWS SNS to send pushes to apps

just test it on android;


f7-vue V1

<plugin name=“phonegap-plugin-push” spec="^2.2.3">

// push JSON data
"default": "Test android navigate", 
"GCM": "{ \"data\": { \"message\": \"Test android navigate\" ,\"url\":\"myPage\"} }"

const push = PushNotification.init({
            android: {
              senderID: id
            browser: {
              pushServiceURL: ''
            ios: {
              alert: "true",
              badge: "true",
              sound: "true"
            windows: {}
// and to navigate
push.on('notification', function (data) {
  alert('Event=notification, message=' + JSON.stringify(data))
  if (data.url) this.$f7.mainView.loadPage(data.url)