NativeStorage plugin

I added platform “browser”, added plugin cordova-plugin-nativestorage. And i need to run dev (npm run dev) and have ability to work with this plugin. But got message NativeStorage is not defined.

This has nothing to do with f7. But most plugins, if not all, require a device to work. An emulator is ok. Or your phone. Thats bcs of cordova, not F7

NativeStorage plugin works in browser for example. I just want to run dev as always and choose cordova plugins to be active(those that have support for browser platform) Is it possible?

So how to use cordova plugins in development mode?


I use jStorage. Works perfectly on Android / iOS / Windows/MacOS (chrome).

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Development mode is not intended to be used with cordova plugins, as they are not intended to run in browser. If NativeStorage runs in browser, it just means it uses some JS API under the hood, emulating NativeStorage. Cordova plugins don’t add and can’t add any functionality to browser.

Framework7 CLI configured to use cordova plugins when it runs as cordova app on device or emulator


Understood( Thanks!!