Navbar contents disapper when Material set to true

Hello there, am learning Framework7 v1. I’m having problem though, my Navbar doesn’t show up when Material is enabled on the JavaScript

var app = new Framework7({
material: true

I don’t seem to find the solution around this, please help

В v1 разный layout Navbar для ios и для md

Sorry, I do not understand you. Can you provide me with possible solution to this. What navigation type should I use for material?

В версии 1 был разный HTML-layout для Navbar. Одинаковым он стал с версии 2. Поэтому кроме переключения темы, нужно также изменить и саму HTML-структуру.

There is no sense to learn v1, learn latest version :slight_smile:

Yep! I’ve switched to newer version already