Navbar getElByPage doesn't work on stacked pages


I use Framework7 v4 and I have enabled stackpages because otherwise I cannot go back after I’ve opened different pages. But when stackpages is enabled I cannot use


on an opened page. This method points to a navbar with class “navbar-previous stacked” but the navbar with class “navbar-current” is displayed. How do I set a dynamic title for navbar-current?

Thanks in advance.

how you get this value?

Sorry, I’ve changed the variable into string in the first message. It’s the page I’m opening. The same page is opened twice. After an edit form the page is opened again with changed values.

change to


When I use

var navbarInnerEl = f7app.navbar.getElByPage(thispage); $(navbarInnerEl).find(".title,.title-large-text").text(RecordDetail[0].name);

I get

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'currentPageEl' of undefined

Instead of router.navigate to the same page after edit I now use

f7app.views.current.router.back(url,{force: true});

I do not have the same navbar issue and the animation also looks better. Go back to the page you’ve edited.