Navbar working erratically in some situations

I think this is a sudden out of nowhere issue. I’m using PhoneGap to preview my application, I have pushstate enabled on the main view (the only view). I load a page through ajax and the navbar has no content, no inner element infact. If I reload the page and let pushstate load the page again the navbar loads correctly. It’s very erratic, sometimes it seems to have the old navbar content but most often it simply has none.

Most annoyingly if I preview the page in a browser w/o going through phonegap it works fine, and it’s the same code.

Without fail 10 seconds after you post something you find the issue. I’m bridging Wordpress to use it as a CMS and I’d added the body classes to the body element. Those familiar with Wordpress may immediately realize ‘page’ is a class often added to the body tag, hence breaking F7 immensely.

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