Navigate by url link

Hi guys,

How can I locate by url link on F7?

input url( http://localhost:8080/vip/intro) on browser, then just to the [vip/intro] page.

Define your links and associate them to paths, templates or pages in your routes file.
Set pushState to true and define your pushStateSeparator.

Hello, Could you give a detail steps here?
Such as 1…,2…,3…

I’ve use the neatest version of F7.

in f7 params

view: {

          pushState: true,

          pushStateSeparator: "",


This is some different in the latest version that I created the app by the Framework7-cli.
Just add the highlight code:

if you didn’t add pushStateSeparator as a “#”, you won’t locate the page to the link(like: http://localhost:8080/vip/intro/).