Navigate like routableModals in Standalone Autocomplete

I found that Autocomplete(ac) implements the routableModals of Standalone Autocomplete via ac.view.router.navigate. So I also want to implement the popup’s routableModals by this method (I know that F7 provides routeModal, but I want to implement a similar function page.
A lot, I don’t want to configure a route for each page, so I thought of a similar implementation to ac.)
This code is like this in ac, I wrote it like this.

        url: ac.url,
        route: {
          path: ac.url,
          popup: popupParams,
        url: "routemodal/",
        route: {
          path: "routemodal/",
          popup: {
            content: `
              <div class="popup my-popup">
                <div class="view">
            on: {
              popupOpen(popup) {
              popupOpened(popup) {
                console.log(popup, 1);

But I can’t achieve the same effect;
I got some information in this pageBeforeEnter event.

This means that the route did not listen to my parameters.
But it did in ac;
I want to know how to deal with this problem, thanks!

You should never call router on app, you need to call it on View. If it is main View then something like this:

It works, thank you!