Navigate not working

setTimeout(() => {
}, 1000);

When i do this, it displays a white page and i also get this error in the console.

This is my routes.js

import SplashPage from "../pages/splash.f7.html";
import OnboardingPage from "../pages/onboarding.f7.html";
import NotFoundPage from "../pages/404.f7.html";

var routes = [
    path: "/",
    component: SplashPage,
    path: "/onboarding/",
    component: OnboardingPage,
    path: "(.*)",
    component: NotFoundPage,

export default routes;

This is my full app.js

import $ from "dom7";
import Framework7 from "framework7/bundle";

// Import F7 Styles
import "framework7/framework7-bundle.css";

// Import Icons and App Custom Styles
import "../css/icons.css";
import "../css/app.css";

// Import Routes
import routes from "./routes.js";
// Import Store
import store from "./store.js";

// Import main app component
import App from "../app.f7.html";

var app = new Framework7({
      name: "MyApp", // App name
      theme: "auto", // Automatic theme detection
      el: "#app", // App root element
      component: App, // App main component
      // Enable swipe panel
      panel: {
           swipe: true,
       view: {
           stackPages: true,

       // App store
       store: store,
       // App routes
       routes: routes,

 // splash screen
 setTimeout(() => {
}, 1000);

I would assume you have something wrong in your onboarding page

Here is my code for onboarding page

Thanks for the help.

Second sentence here :point_up: has answer

Thanks for your help, it works :smiley: