Navigating back is really slow when previous page has a virtual list with a lot of elements


it takes really long (laggy kind of) when navigating back using router.back() from a normal page to a page with a virtual list with a lot of items (dynamic elements, only images). When the virtual list has only 10-20 items the back navigation is smooth and fast. But as soon as the list grows in size it takes longer and longer to navigate back (the VL grows when infinite-load is fired). The scrolling etc. with the virtual list on the initial page is really good and smooth, even with 1000 items. But when navigating back to said list it takes really long.

I really don’t know what is causing this. Observing the DOM shows that even if the VL has 1000 items, only 10 are rendered on the page, so that shouldnt be the issue.^

It seems like it completely re-draws the previous page. I can see that re-drawing the whole prev. page causes a lag when there is a lot of items on that page. Any way I can disable that?

Same issue when a tab has the same virtual list as described above… Takes 1 second to swipe to the tab from another tab.

Edit: when hiding the tab manually (using Dom7) there is no lag. Only when I do it with router.back() there is lag.

Edit: Here ( - ignore the scrolling through the list, I just did that to generate items) is a video of me switching through tabs, you can clearly see a lag there. Same happens when navigating back to the page with the VL in it.

Могу лишь сказать, что проблема где-то у вас, а не в Framework7. Имею в одном приложении огромный виртуальный список и при переходе “Назад” на него ничего не тормозит.

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Okay but why is it that when there is only 10 items loaded in the virtual list the navigating is smooth and fast, and as soon as I load more items into it (there is still only 4-6 items being rendered) it starts to lag.
I mean it’s the same amount of items being displayed in the DOM, only that the list now has more items cached.
Maybe you can point me into the right direction.

Have you solve it ? I have the same problem.
Mine start to lag when the item load from infinite load about 200+

Having the same issue here. Any solutions?

Did you find the solution for this issue?

I just try to use it as minimum and simple code as much as I can and it work fine.