Navigating to the same /page/

Hello, i have a problem navigating from page1 (with variables for example username=abc)>page2>page1 (with different variables for example username=cba), the page never loads from ajax, it’s like broken. I have used stackPages but nothing. Am i missing something?

Need more details, how you load them, what exactly pages URLs and routes, if it same route and you load it by URL, then you need to disable router XHR cache

Yes, it is same route and load by URL parameters (Ajax). How can i disable router XHR Cache? (v.3)

I have noticed something else, I have 5 icons and they are working as tabs in bottom. When i am in first tab and go to route, for example /profile/:usrn, if i go to same route but with different parameters (/profile/:usrn) in 2nd tab, I’m getting the details from first one in modal. I think something has to be with ajax Cache?