Need a project template like ionic

I have just create project with your template for framework7+vue, but I found several problem:

  1. i have to use debugger line in js to debug. Every time I debug, it will generate a random js page, so I can not setup breakpoint before running.
    With Ionic, I can directly set a breakpoint in the js file, and it will work. I think after some configuration we can solve this problem, but I don’t know how
    2.There is not typescript support, If i was professional, i can do this by myself, but I can’t.

If there is such a project template for framework7+vue+typescript+webpack , it will make it easy for app development.

  1. It is related to webpack
  2. No Typescript support for Framework7 lib itself as there is no typescript definitions for it. And it is not in plans

Thanks for your kind response^_^