Need Form Input (Text & Datepicker)

I am trying to create a form, which I can use to input data (numbers). But I also need (in the same input line) a datepicker. In the documentation i have found nothing about this option.

<li class="item-content item-input item-input-with-info">
      <div class="item-media">
        <i class="icon demo-list-icon"></i>
      <div class="item-inner">
      <div class="item-title item-label">Kaltwasser - Bad - EG</div>
        <div class="item-input-wrap">
          <input type="text" placeholder="Zahlen eingeben" required validate pattern="[0-9]*" data-error-message="Bitte nur Zahlen eingeben!">
          <span class="input-clear-button"></span>

How can I do it?