[NEED HELP] PWA to simple Web App

Hi I created an app for a customer as PWA, and it’s ready to launch, but at launch time i figured that the client want to bundle it into an android chrome webview that means I need to modify the project to make it run as a simple web without web worker as it stored in the device instead be online.

Plus, the command npm run build-prod crashes.

It’s my first freelance work with framework7 and i don’t know how to deliver the product to get paid.

What types of items do you need to store online? Is it beyond the scope of local cookie storage?

I use local storage to save the json objects, the app made a request to the server using rest, some controls like comboboxes/picker calls directly to the server but most cases is cached on localstorage. The big problem is that the client want to bundle into a webview the reason is that they develop java services for the app.

I will try to create a web app and copy all assets, hopefully I could make it work.

Consider using Cordova, if you aren’t already. Makes the whole thing so much easier.

There are a few Cloud tools that you could use to make the build process even easier if you’re not comfortable building it locally or setting up Android Studio. Not going to advertise another product on this forum but a google should lead you there.

Android Cordova projects on Cordova Android 10.0.0 use WKWebView which should work identically to anything in the browser and allow your client to access their Java services if they create them as part of a Cordova Plugin.