Need help to the routes problem

I imported all the things, when I click it, it’s no response. What should I do?

I corrected routes.js using nested routes, then it has responses, but it shows 404.html now.

If you see “Not found” then apparently your routes setup is wrong. If you don’t have any response, check the console, maybe there is an error

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I made a form, but I don’t know the handling js should put it where.
simply speaking, where the code below should I put and the form tag “<form method=“post” onsubmit=”???">" is fine or need other way to handle it?
(the code I copy it from f7 docs only not the real one)
var app = new Framework7();

var $$ = Dom7;‘auth.php’, { username:‘foo’, password: ‘bar’ }, function (data) {
console.log(‘Load was performed’);

my form.f7.html file is put in src/page/