New in Framework7 V6


I have been familiar with framework7 v5.
But I want to use v6 in my next project.
I just following the instruction in framework7 create --ui, it looks like something wrong.
because the it’s stuck like this

and the teminal showing something like this

when I check the package structure, it contains folder structure with no file

Please Help.
Thank you.

In a terminal window, type node -v to see what your current version number is. It will need to be greater than 14. Use npm -v to see what version of npm is installed, it will need to be greater than 7.

Ensure you are connected to the Internet when you run the framework7 CLI.

You may need to install Cordova separately, visit Apache Cordova for more.


I have checked it all, and the connection is fine. But still got the same result.
Is there anything miss?

Okay, I got it now.
I should update Cordova to the newest version (v11) too.
It works well now, thank you.

Npm install. Thats all