New swiper type: chevron

We need a new swiper type or boolean flag, I will call it “chevron”. It would display right and left chevrons on the respective sides of the slider if there were more slides or items to see in that direction. If it were developed as a flag, then bullets and fractions could still be displayed. The need is not urgent, i.e. a couple of months is fine. We would prefer to keep our focus on our app logic and core UI widget development is not our forte, so we don’t want to work on a custom renderer ourselves. Should I post to jobs, or its this something that can get put in the development queue?

Editing this because I also forgot we could do with a “peek” slider. This slider would show some percentage of the edges of the next slide on either side of the current slide to provide a visual indication there is another slide to the left or right.

check -> “Swiper slider”
it cover all your needs (and more)
here is the docs:

AWESOME!!! The slider, the code, the support … even the documentation (there is just so much it is hard to find stuff :slight_smile:

if you liked the swiper docs
you’ll probably gonna love the “real” docs =>


Yup, been using them a good bit … there is just so much there!